Design a small house for Sophie


I have been playing with Google Sketchup for a while. This project is just for fun. I named it " Sophie Living small".  So, Sophie has been (single) with Sketchup for decades. I think it's time to design her an awesome looking small house within 500sq feet. Although, she made a lot of money, she wants a small house because she likes to travel around the world to get rid of her boredom (of being single).

Everyone is welcome to participate for fun. 

(above) in progress: 8% is done, 92% more to go. 

Aug 2, 14 12:57 am

xD why don't you scan and post that assignment sheet you were handed in class?

Aug 2, 14 2:54 am

Well, that's the bed room above the car and hey Sophie is not like that lol.

This assignment is created by me. I am a math-education major and I always wanted to be an architect so I try to make my portfolio look interesting to get into M.Arch. My portfolio has a lot of geometric and parametric design, but this project "Sophie Living Small" would add another taste to my portfolio, I guess. 

Aug 2, 14 10:10 am

i don't know x-axis.  you may not know sophie as well as you think, and she might not be telling you everything.....

Aug 2, 14 11:53 am

Done! Sophie Living Small. I'm not going to reveal interior part because of Sophie's privacy and I want to submit my portfolio first before revealing it.

One terrible thing about this house is Sophie is going to have to park her Sedan outside. I know it's very unethical. 

Aug 2, 14 6:02 pm

That's a pretty big hot tub.

Aug 3, 14 6:07 pm

sophie probably has a lot of people to entertain in that hot tub

Aug 3, 14 6:33 pm

Sophie just called, she says she likes trees. 

Aug 3, 14 6:38 pm
Trees so that her lovers can climb up them into her window for a quicker entry. Notice the double entendre.
Aug 3, 14 11:26 pm
vado retro

Sophie's Clusterfuck pad.

Aug 4, 14 7:43 am
x intern

this makes my eyes hurt

Aug 4, 14 12:00 pm
Non Sequitur

Why does Sophie park her pool in her garage?

Aug 4, 14 12:09 pm

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