Bagged concrete examples?


Anyone know of any good examples of bagged concrete construction?  

Jul 26, 14 4:19 pm

 Not my cup of tea, but if that's what you're into. 

Jul 26, 14 6:31 pm  · 

You mean like Mark West's work with CAST at UManitoba?

mark west concrete

Jul 26, 14 7:20 pm  · 

Kjnd of like that. I never really thought much about this but seems sort of interesting.  Couldn't find any "wow" examples and its probably limited to uses for low retaining walls and such.  

Donna that's pretty cool.  It's certainly the same principle.    

Jul 26, 14 7:41 pm  · 

Similar idea:

I have liked this group ever since I ran across their Pamphlet. Kind of reminds me of the farmers burning the tree trunk teepee formwork at Zumthor's Bruder Klaus, only much slower.

Jul 29, 14 4:49 pm  · 

I had a small area that was created with bagged concrete about 6 years ago. I discovered that every bag of cement has serious crumbling issues now. The small replanting of flowers in the area is now a major rebuild. I don't know how other walls built out of bagged quickcrete held up, but I would not use this method again.

Jun 5, 16 10:24 am  · 
I really like this one.  Wonder what kind of bags were used. Does anyone know?  Woven polypropylene sandbags? They disintegrate over a few months in the sun. But would the cement seep out through the weave when the bags are soaked (before they can harden)?  I guess a flimsy paper bag would work if it didn't come apart  for a couple of hours when soaked.  I have a 30' x 60' hill area and want a few 16"-high runs in various places back in among the vegetation. More of high curbs than walls.. Image result for retaining wall out of concrete bags
Aug 21, 17 3:22 pm  · 

Not quite the same execution but-

Miguel Fisac...

And Matsys

Aug 21, 17 5:44 pm  · 

There is always this:

Aug 21, 17 6:14 pm  · 

For what it's worth, Sarah Wigglesworth's house:

Handy link:

Aug 22, 17 2:37 am  · 

+ 1 those gabions. Whole thing together, looks like a bunker...

Aug 27, 17 10:31 pm  · 

Quite heavy indeed, I think that side has a railway right next to it.

Aug 28, 17 3:50 am  · 

And here's the sunny side, straw bales and polycarbonate:

Aug 28, 17 3:42 am  · 

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