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I am a game designer, and I would like to ask about good Architecture books to learn the basics of desing.

I am looking for basic theory and concepts, like the elements to design the interior of a building with specific function.

Also I am interested in the history and philosophy of ancient architecture. I found this book: A Global History of Architecture. they say it is global and I really need a book featuring many civilizations and cultures, don't know if this book is the one or if there any others like it/better.

Also understanding how to analyze buildings will be very helpful.


Thank you :)

Jul 25, 14 12:34 am

Bill Addis. 3000 Years of Building (whatever it's officially called).

Jul 25, 14 12:38 am
Before you start reading histories of architecture, you need to understand basic design strategy. I recommend Frank Ching's 'Architecture: Form, Space, Order".
Jul 25, 14 7:31 am

It's been said a hours and times over. For basic design, Ching is the man

Jul 27, 14 12:54 pm

Thanks a lot :)

Jul 31, 14 10:46 pm


The first architectural book I ever got was Building Construction Illustrated(Ch'ing). I found it to be a more practical approach to architecture and design. Hope it helps.

Jul 31, 14 11:36 pm

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