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Hi everyone, my name is Harry, colombian architect and i would like to share some of my work (architecture, design and drawings) but mostly about ideas as well as representing them.
Thanks in advance for any comments.

Jun 11, 14 6:27 pm

You definitely have talent, but it is a bit difficult for me to really understand your design process... 

I think that showing one sketch and then a rendering is much less useful, than to see an iteration of sketches that demonstrate an evolution in design thinking. Don't get me wrong: some of your sketches are beautiful, but the whole point of including them is not to just demonstrate artistic talent... they are also there to show how you think. I just don't understand how you think from this portfolio... Interesting work though... 

Jun 11, 14 6:44 pm

90 pages dude!! It will be better if you can reduce it. 

Jun 12, 14 9:04 am

I see a lot of images.

I don't see a lot of compelling images.


Then again, I stopped after p.15, when I realized every page was more or less the same mixed bag of text and blocks of images.

The idea is to let the work speak for itself, not to need to show every process image with explanatory text. You don't want the quality of the work to get hidden behind the method you choose to represent.

Take a cue from competition guidelines for presentation boards. You usually need to describe an entire complex project within 1 or 2 boards. Don't use 10 pages to describe what could be projected in just 2. It's a waste of everyone's time.

Pare down to 20 pages, then maybe we can comment on the work itself.

Jun 12, 14 9:55 am

Lose the nudie pic.  Unnecessary.  Will only produce a negative response.  And condense. 

Jun 12, 14 10:18 am

Hey, thanks for the feedback.
Curious because at the beginning of this process I was trying to put together (coherently) a pair of my work ideas on a simple design. I don’t like the “overdesign” neither in graphics nor in the architecture, I think that is one of the major problems of the contemporary design. You can take anything and with a pair of clicks and proper software make it appear “cool”
I really like to work with a mix of digital and handmade graphics (as tools, not the goal) So, I began to design…click here, click there, some effects…and in some point i got 90 pages of stuff.
This was a personal first approach intended to organize some of my work, at this moment I am not applying for a master degree or job but I think I should continue working on and clean up some of these concepts.
Thanks again for your time and comments.  

Jun 12, 14 7:22 pm

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