Hatches. Squiggly lines. Patterns. Et cetera.

Distant Unicorn

Okay. I googled. I searched the forum.

Any hints or suggestions on getting pretty hatches for Illustrator... other than make it yourself? Ideally, I really only need wood, metal, insulation, glass and concrete at the moment. But, does anyone know of any good collections, tools or tips?

I kind of in a fit of rage deleted my entire portfolio. Re-doing it all.

Would like to add something to elevations and section cuts rather than the minimalist all white, thin lines and minimal poché.

Sep 29, 10 1:13 am

I would borrow a copy of autocad, hatch, then export to pdf/illustrator to pretty it up a bit.

or, symbols/brushes in illustrator? but that's probably a pain.

Sep 29, 10 1:59 am
Distant Unicorn

I'm looking for more fills/styles in illustrator.

I just figured there had to be something out there? I did find one pay program that just basically installed an fill presets folder. But I'm not going to dish out 68 dollars for 43 varieties of flemish bond when I really only want concrete and wood grain.

I'm thinking I might just install Autocad. I have a 13 month trial license for it I've yet to use. But, after a hiccup with mudbox, autodesk products do not seem to be working for me right now and support has yet to get back to me on that.

Mudbox installed the preferences file to users/my user folder/documents/documents/documents-- doesn't exist.. And some how created a file folder that loops back to itself infinitely, when means it crashes anytime it autosaves.

In short, too lazy to fix my computer.

But, I thought I'd ask since you know... some of you actually use illustrator in a professional capacity for architectural drawing and presentations.

I'd like to stay away from the preset hatches-- use two or three in a drawing and it looks like someone vomited plaid. And I hate using too many colors because it looks like bad microsoft clipart.

Sep 29, 10 2:12 am
Distant Unicorn

I decided to make my own. I have about 5 or 6 done:

Wood grain

Any others?
Does anyone want this?

Sep 29, 10 12:27 pm
Distant Unicorn


Sep 29, 10 3:49 pm

this is an odd detail, however the patterns look great. Maybe they are a bit dense and the orientation of the insulation could be rotated.

Sep 29, 10 11:49 pm

I really like them! The wood is politely eye tricky, but it could be due to the scale of the wood in this section.

Sep 29, 10 11:56 pm
Distant Unicorn


I'm going to knockout these tomorrow:

Drywall, fiberboard, rigid insulation, flashing, grass, dirty, bricks and possibly even stone.

Once I get a few more done, I'll gladly share the pattern collection via rapidshare (rapidshit) or e-mail. So, I'll let anyone know when I get a swatch library closer to being done.

You should have seen my face when I realized that you can rotate and scale JUST the patterns using the transform options. I've been using illustrator now for 10 years and never knew this.

@mbuyer, that's actually not a section detail at all. It is like 7 rectangles I drew in illustrator! However, I imagine my pattern work definitely works then!

Sep 30, 10 12:10 am

The hatch line weights should be 1/2 the width of the section cuts - esp. the wood grain is too dark right now. 2nd that on rotating the insulation. The scale of the concrete is a bit small/dense, x2 and you're golden.

Sep 30, 10 11:22 am

Fewer triangles in the concrete hatch too. But nice overall!

Oct 1, 10 4:02 pm

unfortunately sold out but maybe somewhere around 2ndhand

Oct 3, 10 9:20 am

yes they're awesome how can i get those @distant Unicorn?

Jul 25, 13 7:00 pm

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