Internship at CEBRA + portfolio


Hello everyone,

I'm getting my Master's degree this summer, in Paris, and I want to apply to some architecture studios in Europe.

Actually, my no.1 interest would be CEBRA, in Denmark. Has anyone worked for them or applied/had an interview with them?

What other studios in Denmark could you recommend me? I am looking for studios with a particular interest in drawing, international projects and studies on informality (I'm thinking Urban think tank or Elemental?)

Also, it would be great if you could give me some tips and critiques on my portfolio :

Thank you!

Jun 3, 14 11:31 am

Nice portfolio, you start out very strong then it starts to get long (Love the first project).  The first project description has a typo (challenge).  So many great firms in Europe that I wish I could work for, maybe 3XN? Good luck!

Jun 3, 14 6:58 pm

Excellent work. You let the work speak for itself... for the most part...

I would put your illustrations first however. I think those are much more interesting to look at. I also like the full bleed pages. I find it odd that the illustration pages are not in the same format as the "architecture" pages... Not that I think they are laid out in a bad way. Quite on the contrary; I think the layout of your illustration pages is more successful. There are a few "architecture" pages where your diagrams/plans re a bit hard to read. I would maybe add a page of an example of a blown-up plan so we see the detail... Otherwise- GOOD JOB! 

Jun 4, 14 12:16 am

Nice one!

Your portfolio has a great feeling to it. It could use a little more density in some areas, like spreads 10-11 or 16-17. Add more sketches in your portfolio if available they are very good and bring a personal feeling to your works.

Hope it works out for you at CEBRA.


Jun 4, 14 12:50 pm

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