EESA-NCARB Evaluation


Hey everyone, I was wondering if there was anyone on this forum that went through the process of EESA-NCARB evaluation? I'm actually an Architecture graduate from Argentina and am looking to go through the whole process of becoming a licensed Architect in the US.

My question is in regards to the course descriptions that I need to get translated. The sample course descriptions that they provide on their website are very short paragraphs, but the course descriptions from my University are very long, some are 10 pages long. Is there any way that I can summarize this information as to not extend it beyond the necessary information of what is being requested?

Also, I'm sure there will be deficiencies that need to be satisfied, for example, English Composition (was planning on taking the CLEP test) and I think something new is having to have at least 3 credit hours in U.S. Laws and Regulation? Supposidly the Education Standard changed in 2012? Can anybody confirm if they had to take a class in U.S. Architecture Practice at an accredited University for credit?

Thank you.

Jun 2, 14 1:44 pm

I would first start an NCARB record, call them, and see what NCARB has to say about this process....

Jun 2, 14 6:57 pm

Hi, were you able to figure this out?

Oct 15, 19 10:06 pm

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