Anyone consider becoming a realtor?


I searched the forums about this, but didn't see anything specifically related. When discussing the poor economy, lack of jobs, etc. there's a lot of talk about working in real estate on the developer side, but has anyone considered becoming a real estate agent?

I know the housing market is also in the crapper, but it seems possible to still make a decent living on rentals and sales depending on where you are located. And I feel like having a solid architecture background would make one more marketable as an agent.

I'm considering doing this for the time being while I look for a job/work on AREs/enter competition/sort out my feelings about the profession. Thoughts?

Aug 23, 10 12:11 am

I have also been a Realtor (actually a Broker not just a salesperson) for the past 6 years.

It doesn't help as much as you would think when marketing oneself as a Realtor to also be an architect. I've even offered free services on one side or the other and it rarely makes much difference in people hiring you.

If you want to make it easier for you to know what you're talking about in terms of realty or to buy your own properties, invest/etc. then by all means. In those areas it has afforded me a great upper hand. Also in terms of marketing - I can find all the latest sales and send out brochures or letters to the buyers whom may be in the market for my architecture/interior design services.

But if you think it will be a windfall, I don't think it will.

Do it because you want to learn about real estate if you want. Also, the fees are high to maintain a Realtor license each year. I pay all of my architecture/interior design related dues as well as about $500/year for Realtor Dues and then $600 every two years for my real estate licensing dues to the state. So it's not cheap.

Aug 23, 10 2:13 am

Thanks for the information. I've worked as a receptionist in a realty office before, so I know a little about it, but not any of the specifics.

Do you practice architecture at the same time? I guess my interest in real estate comes from the ability to work more independently, and still being involved in the realm of buildings, but in a much different way.

Also, in your experience, do you know of others who become agents as a temporary career?

Aug 23, 10 3:01 am

Yes I have a design firm as well as a real estate brokerage so I do them both simultaneously.

I really don't know any others whom have become agents as well - I think it's definitely a benefit but more to your own knowledge than marketing your services.

Aug 23, 10 3:20 am

I work as an assistant for a broker right now, and I have to say that I really miss the creative and planning work. All I do in that regard is design a flyer every now and then and take some pictures of properties. The rest is (from what I see from my agent) being available 24/7 for clients, a lot of internet marketing, and filling out forms / legal stuff. Pretty much everything that architects don't like about their profession. She also told me that business is low like she never experienced it in her 20 years of experience... I wonder where you will get your leads from? It's not easy at the beginning.

Aug 23, 10 10:44 am

maybe you don't really want to become a realtor....

Aug 23, 10 3:26 pm
future hope

I have thought about it seriously. After not being satisfied with architecture, I was looking for an alternative. I check real estate listings all the time already and like tracking sales in my neighborhood. I think it would be difficult to find clients in the beginning though.

Aug 23, 10 3:37 pm
future hope

The profession does carry a stigma. It was frustrating to tell my friends and family about my idea and get shot down all the time.

Aug 23, 10 3:39 pm

Two people I used to work with in architecture firms attempted to work as real estate brokers and did not succeed.  You need a really massive network of business and social contacts to keep the listings coming in, and the required investments in media and advertising are very expensive.

Jun 25, 19 11:58 am

900$ per year is too much? Wow.

Jun 25, 19 8:34 pm

Personally - no. Choosing between architecture and real estate, I prefer the first one. 

Real estate as a career is tough regardless of the situation in the market. Before the bubble burst people would say that anyone could sell a house because people were actually bidding up the price of a home and paying more than they list price. I actually know a few agents who became successful specialists with good income being in this industry for two years. That all being said you can still make a decent living in the business if that is what you really want to do. 

Jun 28, 19 1:17 am

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