Image database software?


Does anyone know of any good image database software for the Mac? I'm looking for local software, not something online. Basically, I'd like a way to tag images on my laptop, for example, if an image falls into the category "stairs", but also "lighting", without having to duplicate the images. I realize iPhoto kind of has it, but is there something more specialized? I've read that Herzog/de Meuron have such a system.

Jul 28, 10 2:44 pm

adobe bridge?

Jul 28, 10 2:55 pm

What holz said

Jul 28, 10 4:13 pm

I recall morphosis posting an admin job a while back and mentioned Canto Cumulus:

Jul 28, 10 4:17 pm

Has anybody here tried Panorama database software? I want to know if it's good or what. Thanks
yamaha raptor 250r

Jul 28, 10 9:19 pm

Picasa will do the trick for a single user for free. With a couple of update/copy scripts, multiple users can work from the same content.

Jul 29, 10 11:21 am

Thanks to all. Indeed, Adobe Bridge seems to be the cure.

Cumulus is powerful, probably more than I need but I can see it being useful to a larger firm with people working remotely.

Jul 29, 10 12:48 pm

you mean windows image application, here is one windows imaging sdk may be what you are talking about. i haven't used yet. a friend introduces to me. hope it helps you.

Feb 14, 14 2:23 am

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