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I would be very thankful if anyone could take a look at my portfolio and then give me some feedback.

I hope that is not too much... and please be honest :)

Thank you

May 19, 14 4:15 pm

Hello Slaven,

Here's my take on it.

In the Resume part, Experience comes first, studies after. For the work experience it would be useful if you post details regarding your part in the firm (research, drafting, presentations, model-making) .

On each project, the skematics are nice. A short description would help clear out your intent in the project, Some sections and few floor plans could be useful to show that besides the nice exterior, the interior layout is great also.

On my portfolio I got some interesting feedback regarding sketches. It proved very useful after I inserted the sketches as it gave a lot of insight information regarding the hole workflow, from concept to complete academic project. So if you got them. use them.

As an overall feeling to the portfolio, your 3D visualisation skills are good, but the portfolio is kinda "swift" and three out of the seven projects presented are pretty "BIG"-ish, if you get my point.

Hope it helps.


May 19, 14 5:04 pm

The first and third triangular projects look like Bjarke Ingel's works but inverted. Now these ideas can develop in parallel but I have no idea how those stepped units even came about. Which leaves me with the impression of "borrowing" without proper attribution or even admitting it. Same thought occurred a few more times as lingering doubts, which is reasonable enough when your concept is just one sentence and seemingly explained nothing about how words materialized into a metallic walnut shell (alluding to the winery).

What are these buildings/structures supposed to do? I want to know more about that, not see a bunch of renderings from each side.

May 19, 14 5:36 pm

Ok, thank you very much this is very, but very helpful!

I agree with everything but let me to explain a little bit.

When I was in process of making my portfolio I was called by some architectural firms to send them my portfolio, and because of that I was simply forced to send unfinished portfolio and because of that I don’t have, as you said, some more plans, sketches, interior layout, etc..

And maybe the most important part - some short textual description are also missing

And just one more thing, I definitely didn’t want to copy, or whatever - BIG, this is my ideas and I have hole philosophy, or concept explanation behind them... but Yes I make mistake and I didn’t put those sketches and text explanation of concept ..and now it maybe looks weird...

But again thank you very much I will definitely bring all those things in portfolio as soon as possible!

May 20, 14 3:20 am

Here is a general guideline that I have used when I've put together my works

As a general idea, if you have to excuse yourself for some elements in your portfolio, most sure that they will do you more harm than help.

Hope it helps and I look forward to the updated version.

May 20, 14 3:38 am

Maybe you are right, but at that moment i dint really have choice...

And it helps, thank you.

May 20, 14 3:51 am

And I just check you site, man that is nice presentation, I see now what are you talking about.. great!

May 20, 14 3:54 am

First off, I do like the quality of the renders and the fact that you've included your resume in your portfolio.

However to me it looks like your trying to get a job in the architecture visualization niche since you have quite a lot of big renders and not enough conceptual work. If that's your goal, then your portfolio is quite good, however if your trying to get an architecture job you should include things like sketches or graphs, plans,elevations,etc showcasing either how you achieved that final form or how the concept evolved.Plans,elevations are a good way to see how technical you can get, so employees can see your a good drafter.

Second off, don't be discouraged, we've all been through this and the point of a portfolio review is to get better at it.At the end of the day your the one who decides if you want to change it or not.

Hope it helps.


May 20, 14 7:27 am

Thank you on your comment... I agree :)

May 21, 14 9:49 am
Non Sequitur

Man, I don't think you can explain your own philosophy enough to remove yourself from BIG comparisons. The similarities are just too much. Best to be honest about your sources because it's not like BIG's projects are subtle and obscure.

Besides that, without all the related plans, sections and detail drawings, there is no content worth discussing if you are indeed looking for employment in an office. Renderers are a dime a dozen in many markets so unless you also can also accurately detail like a mad-man, it'll be tough to separate yourself from the herd.

p.s. listing your software is important; however, everyone ranks themselves as a 10/10. It is best to let your potential employers make that evaluation based on the content of the portfolio or else it's guaranteed they will be disappointed.

May 21, 14 11:07 am

p.s. listing your software is important; however, everyone ranks themselves as a 10/10. It is best to let your potential employers make that evaluation based on the content of the portfolio or else it's guaranteed they will be disappointed.

Agreed. To add to this however, I will also suggest you add what software you used to create each rendering. If you say you are excellent with Sketchup, Rhino, 3DStudio, Grasshopper, etc. yet you use Vray w/ 3D Studio Max 90% of the time and have indeed used Vray w/ 3D Studio Max to create most of the renderings in your portfolio, then this will really help clarify how good you really are with the other listed software. There's no shame in saying- "hey, I'm not very good with sketchup, but I'm really good with 3D Studio". Honesty is always better...Trust me- you can't be an expert in everything, especially if you are trying to balance being an architect, a designer, and a visual artist. You have to pick one to be really good at sooner or later.

May 25, 14 12:09 am

Also, its not as if these renderings are so incredible anyway. They're not bad by any means, but shouldn't be misconstrued as exemplary. I don't mean for this to sound harsh, it's just the truth as I see it. And there's no shame in this either. For example, I'm not the best renderer. I choose to compliment my renderings with diagrams, sketches, and other materials that demonstrate my design process. 

If you choose to include renderings as the bulk of your portfolio, you will be putting yourself out there as being a visualization artist. When a firm has 5 or 10 of you as candidates for 1 or 2 spots, you better be prepared to show better renderings than your competition. As someone stated above, visualization artists are a dime a dozen these days, and while your renderings are not bad, they can't compete with others' I've seen on this forum. 

This is why I strongly recommend you include content that demonstrates your other knowledge and skills in architecture. Demonstrate that you can think!

And lastly, lets face it: while you may have had to quickly send out a portfolio to potential employers, you weren't forced or rushed to post a link to that portfolio on here. So the excuse that this is an unfinished portfolio is a load of bull.. you thought this portfolio was the shit and wanted to get attention for it and I'm going to call you on it. You can challenge this all you want, but I'll leave you with the following thought: never put unfinished work out for review; your work may have elements that are unfinished or not fully refined, but your presentation of those unfinished elements must be complete... (as much as you may think that I may be an ass for making such comments- this last paragraph has held me up on the screen for 20 minutes second guessing what I've written- so before you jump at me, consider that I'm just trying to show you some "tough love" with the faint possibility that I may be completely wrong)...

May 25, 14 12:37 am

By-the-way: is this you?

At first, I thought you were joking when I saw your picture in the portfolio and read that you were a Ph.D. student, especially since you were born in 1989. (I would get rid of the date of birth if I were you...) Then I googled you, and that's the video that came up. Interesting video ;)

May 25, 14 12:46 am

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