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With an exhaustive description about the Watercube by CCDI, PTW Architects, and ARUP there is a detailed study of the project, supported on a detailed processing of the information received (graphics, images, drawings) we look for a better presentation of the project, starting with the competition, making a complete overview about the design process and the concept, and finally explaining the building structure through the construction and the sustainable premises that make the Watercube such a spectacular building. In words of Chris Bosse, one of the architects of the design team this book is "The best and most profound publication of the Watercube ever."

For the content we have succeeded in obtain the valuable collaboration of some experts that make most complete the overview about the building: Professor Denis Wearie, who is the author of the Weaire- Phelan Theory –the basis of the structure design-. Architect Matteo Cainer (Assistant director at the Venice Biennale 2004, where the Watercube won the Atmosphere Award) had written a text about the importance of the building in the context of the Biennale, the biggest architecture exhibition. For The Site chapter we have a contribution of Neville Mars architect that works in Beijing and recently published the book THE CHINESE DREAM and runs the Dinamic City Foundation. We had the assistance of Angus MacLeod from Vector Foiltec, the company that is working to make the building cladding with ETFE to talk about the skin of the Watercube. Also, we have text and images from a British photojournalist, Gemma Thorpe, based and working in Beijing at the momento of the construction, talking about social responsibility and the construction workers.

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