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Synapse | e-Book series

Synapse. The entropic IQ dpr-books series.
Edited by: César Reyes Nájera


A starting point to articulate an intellectual fabric supporting the entropiqIQ project. A forum of reflection including people moving on the limits and blurring boundaries on the knowledge of cities, information, technology, art, biology and philosophy. A series of publications in digital-pamphlet format available for Kindle and enriched ePub [including interactive content], exploring the thought and ideas of thinkers and doers; articulated by simple detonating questions posed through emails, tweets and conversations.

Nature and city are not opposites or excluding concepts, in fact, they are interacting systems. The next step will be to understand and transform our cities under the logic of nature’s principles of organization. This series, fast generated and transmitted, may help in that connection.

First round of connections include:

- Domenico di Siena [Spanish]
- Matteo Pasquinelli [Spanish]
- Usman Haque + Natalie Jeremijenko
- Aristide Antonas
- Dan Handel
- Simone Ferracina
- Juhani Pallasmaa


Every five digital-pamphlet there will be generated a Print on Demand issue. The next step will be to set a platform for readers to arrange their own compilation.

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Status: Built
Location: Barcelona, ES
My Role: Publishers