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The Black Box
The Black Box
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Un Atlas de Cartografías Radicales

Spanish Edition of the book An Atlas of Radical Cartography: Un Atlas de Cartografías Radicales

Edited by: Lize Mogel & Alexis Bhagat
Published by: dpr-barcelona
Design: Francesco Vedovato + dpr-barcelona
Black Box design: Alex Orlich + dpr-barcelona
Logo: Kimberly Varella + Department of Graphic Sciences
Prologue to the Spanish edition: Javier Arbona, Nick Sowers and Bryan Finoki [aka @demilit]


An Atlas of Radical Cartography is a collection of 10 maps and 10 essays about social issues from globalization to garbage; surveillance to extraordinary rendition; statelessness to visibility; deportation to migration. The map is inherently political –and the contributions to this book wear their politics on their sleeves

Includes contributions by:

MAPS | An Architektur | the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) | Ashley Hunt | Institute for Applied Autonomy with Site-R | Pedro Lasch | Lize Mogel | Trevor Paglen & John Emerson | Brooke Singer | Jane Tsong | Unnayan

ESSAYS | Kolya Abramsky | Maribel Casas-Cortes & Sebastian Cobarrubias | Alejandro De Acosta | Avery F. Gordon | Institute for Applied Autonomy | Sarah Lewison | Jenny Price, Jane Tsong, DJ Waldie, Ellen Sollod, Paul S. Kibel | Heather Rogers | Jai Sen | Visible Collective & Trevor Paglen

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