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Architecture in your Hand

It's the new dpr-barcelona's publishing project. A new approach of how books can take advantage on the use of digital technology, the network organization and the production, distribution and use of knowledge, all together outlining a new suggestive landscape to learn. 

The ever growing number of mobile devices, the diffusion of the boundaries between public and private space, the subversion of the traditional publishing structure and the new forms of learning; are somehow the start point of this publishing project for architecture contents.

Considering that the main goal of a book is to store and transmit information added to the potential of networked learning, we have imagined that this concept can be expanded and spreaded. As being transmitted through a new basis, this information should be structured following a different mobile logic: enhancing immediacy, brevity, and simplicity.

When atomizing the contents, we are sharing capsules of knowledge for the user to learn, share and interact with the city.

Ceci n’est pas une App.

This publishing project goes beyond the concept of an app. We are developing an API (Application Programming Interface). A wider structure consisting of three interconnected main branches:

BLOGS: Curated by forward thinker bloggers and architects in fields beyond conventional practice.
CITY: Interaction with the surrounding urban environment using geolocation tools and augmented reality.
BOOKS: Publication of "mobile-books"

In a next stage the contents will be arranged by the user, and even print on demand in order to make a very personal compilation of the learning experience. The platform will provide the contents and the user will be the editor in chief.


The first two books of the series Architecture in your Hand are U-Fields and SitRoom.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: worldwide