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Sport center Hector Berlioz

The building represents an important new sport equipment for the denizen of Vincennes, comprising specific halls for different sport clubs of the city. It offers them to practice sport under the best conditions insured by natural lighting as well as efficient ventilation and acoustic treatment.

The design of the building is a resolutely contemporary showcase with its glazed base and the copper cladded volume on top of it. Perforated copper as a noble and sustainable maintenance-free material, will not treated and due to oxidation change his appearance over the years. The cladding is fixe except on the glazed parts of the judo hall on level +1,  where adjustable panels are integrated. The transparency of cladding invigorates the facade and let the building seem lighter.

From the very extremity of the pathway the building is visible due to a glazed vertical volume including the principal staircase. The wall, accompanying the ‘running race track’ leading to the public entrance is planted with 4 m high bamboo and leaves enough space for a vehicle to pass.

The single entry given onto the pathway allows a centred distribution of the different levels optimizing thus the functioning of the equipment. The transparency of the glazed base is carried on inside the building with the lobby that offers a direct view to the gym. This generous lobby and waiting area is protected from drafts by the airlock at the entrance. The central position of the reception allows the monitoring of flow in the building.

Beside the central staircase, a single generously dimensioned elevator (1000 kg) guaranties accessibility to all levels for handicapped persons. Additional exterior metal stairs in the east and one interior stair in the north correspond to the need of evacuation of the public.

The connections (ways) between the halls (sport facilities) are short and easily understandable. Each level has its own reception area thanks to the enlargement of the corridors. The cloakrooms are situated right next to the different halls and respond to a simple geometrical design.

All the halls are designed for competition activities.

The gym and the box training hall on -1 are naturally lit by a continuous range of windows oriented to the pathway. A zenithal window tape on the maintenance free green roof provides additional natural light to the 2 halls. The judo training hall is situated towards the courtyard of the high-school and equally equipped with large windows in the upper part.

On the first floor are situated the judo hall with 2 tatamis and a fully equipped fitness room combined with changing facilities, showers and some small offices dedicated to the administrative staff of the sport clubs.

The second floor is entirely occupied by the basketball hall. A floating oak sport parquet covers the floor. The storage for sport material is separated from the sport field by wooden wall bars.

Natural balanced light is provided by sheds integrated in the roof. Covered with double glazed windows they allow the evacuation of hot air in summer and prevent the hall from overheating. On the last two ranges of sheds 10 solar panels are fixed supporting the heating and warm water production of the building. 


Surface: 3 723 m²

Budget: 6.8 M€

Completion October 2013

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Status: Built
Location: Vincennes, FR
Firm Role: Head Designer