Audrey Matlock Architect

Audrey Matlock Architect

New York, NY


Catskill Mountain House

On a steep slope in the Catskill Mountains, the challenge was to design a seamless indoor/outdoor living experience. By extending a narrow south-facing plateau, a linear plinth is created that grounds the carport, house, pool and terraces. A 200-foot concrete wall retains the hillside to the north of the plinth and serves as the organizing element for the interior and exterior spaces. The house’s east, west and south facades are sheathed entirely in glass so that the interior spaces are virtually grounded within the landscape. The house interior has few full height walls. Major living spaces are defined with low partitions and subtle grade changes so that there is visual openness throughout.

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Status: Built
Location: West Shokan, NY, United States
Firm Role: Architect