Audrey Matlock Architect

Audrey Matlock Architect

New York, NY


Armstrong Design Center

For Armstrong Industries, a former industrial plant is converted into an exhibition facility featuring the company’s products, fabrication methods and history. The new design exposes the building’s original steel structure, using it as an armature for flexible exhibit lighting and display systems. Floors are removed to create double height spaces and new skylights bring natural light into lower levels. The building is located “off the beaten path” on the campus. To increase the visibility of the building, a bold new façade with integral large-scale graphics is introduced. Openings are cut in the original concrete shell which is wrapped with a new perforated aluminum skin. This metal wrapper filters natural light entering the galleries, frames views of sky and landscape and highlights the company brand.

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Status: Built
Location: Lancaster, PA, United States
Firm Role: Architect