New York, NY


Center for Advanced Mobility

The Center for Advanced Mobility is a groundbreaking symbiosis between nature and technology, functionality and dynamic form, as it combines high performance laboratories within the urban environment. Designed by studioMDA for the University of Applied Sciences – The Center for Advanced Mobility considers the academic environment thoughtfully and provides a space that encourages interdisciplinary collaboration. The studioMDA designed building connects seamlessly into the existing campus, establishing itself as the epicenter of the surrounding academic community.

The dynamic form of the building, in response to the urban context, was developed through a series of wind studies. The final form of the Center is designed to optimize wind flow and maximum natural ventilation. The aerodynamic building form is paired with a “Standby Efficiency Shading Concept”, an automated shading system that responds to sun orientation and adjusts heating or cooling accordingly. This system allows the conditioned space to remain at an optimal temperature throughout the day.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Aachen, DE