New York, NY


Phillips Auction House - New York Headquarters

Summer 2021 saw Phillips International Auction House open its new headquarters designed by studioMDA, at 432 Park Avenue in New York. The new auction house will occupy the existing white-glass structure known as the “Park Avenue Cube”.

studioMDA creates a new and unique auction house by designing the new Phillips headquarters to allow a direct visual connection from the street to the auction
experience, promoting architectural transparency and public engagement, thus shedding the classical typology of the “auction behind closed doors”. The new Phillips headquarters engages users ranging from the public to high profile clientele. With this unique, vibrant atmosphere, Phillips exists as an evolving institution—one that breaks the typical mold of an auction house. studioMDA inserts the new Phillips auction house into the urban environment, offering the fine qualities of a museum and the flexibility of an art fair.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US