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The Children's Learning Center Playground

The Children's Learning Center playground in Teton County is developed from the Natural Playground concept. The goal of these playgrounds is to provide more "natural" play experiences to children who spend a great part of their day in managed care. From belief is that such experiences provide the children with better relationships with the natural world, developed minds, and an understanding of natural systems.

Three components for the playground were created by Remote Studio: a water and mud feature with hand and re-circulating pump. A living willow tunnel with primary color "shape" rooms for toddlers, and a climbing structure with elevated deck, slide, chalk boards and growing wall for pre-schoolers.

Materials: The three features were built from reclaimed log end remnants, boulders, harvested willow, donated 3-Form, hand cast glass, steel and timbers.

2011 Summer

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Status: Built
Location: Teton County