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Pine Creek Pavilion

Pine Creek Pavilion is built within the Absaroka/Beartooth US National Forest boundary at the edge of the Wilderness. The pavilion is the first USFS structure built in partnership with university students, and it is also the first USFS structure to be designed and built incorporating sustainable concepts. The pavilion is ADA accessible for up to 50 people undercover. It includes both an indoor grill and an out-of-door firepit that lie along a low rammed earth wall that serves as bench and side table. The pavilion includes tables as benches as integrated component.

Materials: All framing members were milled on-site from standing dead trees felled by the Forest Service for use in the pavilion, Douglas Fir glu-lam beams, concrete slab, locally harvested stone, reclaimed concrete for pavers, core-tin corrugated roofing, steel, local soils for rammed earth.

2006 Fall

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Status: Built
Location: Pine Creek, MT, US