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River's Edge Sanctuary Park

The Final Phase of Work for the City of Livingston's River's Edge Sanctuary Park implemented several of the design components that were developed in the strategic design completed by the Summer of 2010 Remote Studio. These were an ADA accessible hard-scape with gabian benches in the meadow that is adjacent to the future parking area, a bridge that provides an intimate experience to the intermittent wetlands created from the Yellowstone River overflow, a small pavilion built in the shade of the Cottonwood trees, and a marker at the far west end of the meadow to guide visitors to the riverside trail and the Reflection Point that was designed and built by Remote Studio in the Fall of 2008.


Materials: Collected river rock, massaranduba, Douglas Fir, mesh fencing, steel and polycarbonate roofing.

2010 Fall

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Status: Built
Location: Livingston, MT, US