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Schematic Proposal / Entry Markers

Two scopes of work were undertaken in the summer of 2010. First, a study of the complete park land was completed and a schematic design produced that would provide intimate experiences of this largely wild river's edge landscape. The schematic proposal was presented to the city commissioners of Livingston and adopted as their guiding document for future development to the park land. With the adoption of the scheme, two entry markers were created to help visitors both entry and boundary to the park. Each marker is distinct, responding to the qualities and conditions of the place where they were built. The north marker built at the edge of the future parking area creates a shaped space to orient people to the various experiences, trails, and views across the meadow. The south marker is slender and tall to mark entry from across the river and roadside parking in the distance.


Materials: Both structures include re-purposed steel, harvested logs from a burn in the National Forest, donated 3-Form, and collected river rocks.

2010 Summer

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Status: Built
Location: Livingston, MT, US