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Belmont Freeman Architects

New York, NY


The Four Seasons restoration

During his lifetime Philip Johnson kept close control over the maintenance, alteration and periodic refurbishment of The Four Seasons restaurant, his 1959 masterpiece of modern design. Four years after his death, the owners of the restaurant recognized that The Four Seasons, a New York City Interior Landmark, was in need of a new house architect to design and direct urgently needed renovations and to monitor future alterations. Belmont Freeman was honored to be selected for this role. Since December 2008 he, his firm and a team of consultants have been immersed in researching the history of the restaurant’s construction and in the design and management of its phased restoration. After completing an assessment of existing conditions BFA devised a series of carefully coordinated sub-projects that can be performed off hours to allow the restaurant to remain in operation. The first phases of restoration, have included the Ladies’ Lounge, a comprehensive restoration of the metal work throughout the restaurant, and selective lighting upgrades.

Photos: Jennifer Calais Smith

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US