SHIFTVIEW architecture

SHIFTVIEW architecture

Madrid, ES | Chengdu, CN


M-Cubas Telephone Exchange. Cubas de la Sagra. Toledo.

Telephone exchange building developed by Telefonica de Espana, S.A.U for housing DSL equipment for the town of Cubas of the Sagra. In a difficult to lay out triangular plot, the implantation of a building for housing the electronic equipments is achieved successfully while keeping the high exigency on parameters like humidity and temperature that should vary according to a very reduced range .In addition, the geometry of the layout does solve  successfully the  integration in the urban landscape, from the formal and technical point of view, while taking special care in solving in a creative way the visual and the sonorous impact of the machinery that complementarily is used for having the optimal climatic conditions in the rooms inside the building. 

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Status: Built
Location: Toledo, ES