SHIFTVIEW architecture

SHIFTVIEW architecture

Madrid, ES | Chengdu, CN


Health and residential center in Seseña

This luxury health complex is aimed at elder people and its facilities include rooms, apartments, a hotel, a clinic and a garden. Given the particular requirements of its future clients the design was made to ensure  the highest possible sunlight inside rooms and a facilities, including th basement SPA, that received natural light through skylights in its ceiling.
The garden consists in a composition of various elements that functions as ditch and alcorque draining, rain water collection funnel, ilumination of common areas and umbrellas, providing the complex with the latest SUDS systems. Also, given the isolation of the complex next to a natural area, a photovoltaic power system and solar water heating were installed as a mean of energy saving and ensuring an adequate suply for the complex.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Seseña, Spain