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Nizio Design International

Warsaw, PL


Recreation Park in Janow Lubelski

The founding idea of the „Nature Zoom” Recreation Park in Janów Lubelski is the ecological vector transferred into the architectural syntax and representing the basis of the entertainment park’s urban plan. The park space will accommodate the following laboratories: avifauna, troposphere, water lab, „ Nature Zoom” museum, „Forest Undergrowth - Nursery”, and modern beauty spots. The workshop compound will be encircled by a network of public saunas, ecological cafes and an amphitheatre. The construction will involve natural materials (timber, stone, wicker) arranged into a modern design. The buildings’ partial transparency imparts credibility and invites to the interiors through which one can see, e.g. interactive spatial games.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Janów Lubelski, PL