Nizio Design International

Nizio Design International

Warsaw, PL


Michniow Mausoleum

1st place in the competition
The Michniów Museum project is a specific catalyst of the past and future generations’ memory. An element that combines remembrance and reconciliation.
The idea focuses on the original structure and emblem being a "HOUSE-HUT" (with the dimensions of 16x14 m), which, concurrently, is the front of the mass undergoing intentional  and gradual deformation and degradation (until it is crushed into sand and gravel).
This process indicates harmonisation between the historical and architectural narratives.
Modernist panels lead us to the monumental front "hut", full of serenity and harmony, concealing traces of history.
As the "huts" are deformed, outside the mass there appear more and more crosses that symbolise the pacified Polish villages.
The museum’s open form will be exposed to external weather conditions. It is impossible to detach the structure from its appurtenant plain.(the grass transforms into scorched earth, the wavy landscape carries on its shoulders the axis of the concrete structure.)

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Michniów, PL