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Log 33

Log 33 delivers emerging currents and renewed interests in architectural thought. It includes a thorough examination of object-oriented philosophy: two essays offering contrasting positions on its value for the architectural discipline as well as a conversation between philosopher Graham Harman and architects Todd Gannon, David Ruy, and Tom Wiscombe. Objects are invoked throughout the issue in myriad other ways – in essays on the postcritical legacy, architecture and objecthood, shape and character, history and machines – highlighting the currency and multivalence of the term object in the discourse today. Log 33, which follows two best-selling issues, also presents Wolfgang Schivelbusch’s “World Machines,” the new preface to his recently republished book The Railway Journey (plus an introduction to his work by Sanford Kwinter) as well as critical commentary on architectural events from around the world, essays on urban noise and architectural acoustics, new explorations of the architect’s hand in drawing, and more. 



Joseph Altshuler, Animate Architecture: Twelve Reasons to Get in Character

Noam Andrews, The Architectural Gesture

Kelly Chan, The Project Against Autonomy

Joseph Clarke, For a History of Liveness

Tom Daniell, Containment

Luis Fernández-Galiano, Weird Architecture

Kurt W. Forster, The City that Cannot Stay Silent: Döblin’s Berlin Alexanderplatz

Mark Foster Gage, Killing Simplicity: Object-Oriented Philosophy in Architecture

Todd Gannon, Graham Harman, David Ruy & Tom Wiscombe, The Object Turn: A Conversation

Sanford Kwinter, The Nightingale’s Song

Jimenez Lai, /// inside /// outside /// between /// beyond ///

Mark Morris, Keeping Up with the Inigo Joneses

Bryan E. Norwood, Metaphors for Nothing

Wolfgang Schivelbusch, World Machines: The Steam Engine, the Railway, and the Computer

Luke Studebaker, The Business Behind Architecture


Plus: Cynthia Davidson on a Snow Globe, Chelsea Spencer on Urban Forestry, and the Log Team on Advertising.


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