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Log 32

Log 32 presents a thoughtful snapshot of the current moment in architecture with contributions from preeminent and emerging voices. A record 39 contributors to this Fall 2014 issue deliver a stimulating mix of writing styles and content, from new theories on architecture and the urban to dispatches from recent exhibitions and pavilions to interviews with new leaders in architectural pedagogy.Log 32 also includes 55 pages devoted to the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale – an open-ended, manifold response to that much publicized exhibition set here among a full slate of other articles that insists on the innumerous modes of thinking architecture today.



Ross Exo Adams, Notes from the Resilient City

George Baird, Ideology Wars Redux: A Commentary on Landscape Urbanism and the New Urbanism

Carson Chan, Learning from Venice

Preston Scott Cohen, Successive Architecture

Cynthia Davidson, A Conversation with Odile Decq

Reinier de Graaf & Laura Baird, Megalopoli(tic)s

Marco De Michelis, Fundamentals

Tina Di Carlo, Avant la lettre

Kurt W. Forster, Sebald’s Burning Train Stations and Monstrous Courthouses

Luca Galofaro, Stazione Spaziale ritorni n. 01

Mikhail Grinwald & Chelsea Spencer, A Conversation on Mushrooms

Jeffrey Kipnis, Our Chances. How Bernard Tschumi’s retrospective quietly reaffirmed the case for architectural conjecture during the summer of fundamentalism

Gabriele Mastrigli, The Cage of Imagination: Notes on “Roma Interrotta”

Luke Studebaker, A Conversation with Amale Andraos


Plus: Observations on the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale by: Lili Carr, Tom Daniell, Ole W. Fischer, Mark Foster Gage, Rafael Gómez-Moriana, Alicia Imperiale, Charles Jencks with Rem Koolhaas, Dora Epstein Jones, Alfie Koetter, Sanford Kwinter, Camille Lacadée, Jennifer Ly, Kyle May, Michael Meredith, Keith Mitnick, Daniel Tudor Munteanu, Paola Nicolin, Christian Parreno, Bryony Roberts, Matt Roman, Gustavo Alonso Serafin, Laura M. Tchorz, Philip Ursprung, and Emmett Zeifman.


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