New York, NY


Log 19 (Spring/Summer 2010)

Log 19 brims with informed debate and argument on the state of architecture today. Like the models for the invited international design competition for the Dance and Music Center in The Hague, these articles, when taken together, can be understood as a cross-section of how one makes architecture now. Is it as form? Function? Material? Cost? Context? Politics? What are the limits of representation in architecture? Log 19 takes parametrics to task, considers the consequences of climate change and environmental catastrophe, while examining the physical edges and conceptual boundaries of architecture.


Ross Adams, Approaching the End: Eden and the Catastrophe

Noam Andrews, Climate of Oppression

Aleksandr Bierig, Places of Exception

Marta Caldeira with Emma Bloomfield, Sharp Flats

Petra Ceferin, What is Architecture the Name of Today?

Frank Gehry, Two Lithographs

Thomas de Monchaux, Blue in Green: Notes On “Rising Currents”

Natanel Elfassy & François Roche, Stuttering Fall

Max Hirsh & Jonathan D. Solomon, Does Your Mall Have an Airport?

Craig Hodgetts, A Provisional Genealogy for OCTA.BOT®

Wes Jones, Architecture Games

Eric Owen Moss, Introducing Abraham

Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen, (Un)timely Saarinen

Christopher Pierce, In Praise of the Harpoon

Portfolio, This Is the Way It Could Be?

Georges Teyssot with Olivier Jacques, Inhabiting a Spline: The Making of Metropol Parasol

Thomas Weaver, Sin Sitte

Allen S. Weiss, Impossible Possibles

Plus: On “The South” ... On Frank and Yona ... On Vivarium ... 

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