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Log 13/14 (Fall 2008)

Log 13/14 - A special double issue devoted to 1968 forty years later ... Not a retrospective survey, Log 13/14 examines trends established in and around the seminal year 1968 and subsequent iterations, failures, and consequences. The issue features four re-digitized photographs by Chris Marker taken in the streets of Paris in "May" 1968.


Jean-Louis Cohen, Populist Images

Nicholas de Monchaux, Space Suit and the City

Tina di Carlo, Let it Be

Peter Eisenman, Eisenman's Doubt

Yona Friedman, Revolt of the Young

Françoise Fromonot, The Beaux-Arts: Model, Monster ... Phoenix?

Todd Gannon, Return of the Living Dead: Archigram and Architecture's Monstrous Media

Alicia Imperiale and Gavin Keeney, Territories of Protest

Lydia Kallipoliti, Feedback Man

Sylvia Lavin, Fire Rated

Chris Marker, Paris 1968

Markus Miessen, Parallel Reality

Paola Nicolin, Beyond the Failure: Notes on the XIVth Triennale

Joan Ockman and Bernard Tschumi, Talking with Bernard Tschumi

Manuel Orazi, Utopia's Revival

Todd Reisz, As a Matter of Fact, The Legend of Dubai

John David Rhodes, Collective Anxiety: Corviale, Rome, and the Legacy of '68

Jason Simon, Marker's Archive

Lukasz Stanek, Lessons from Nanterre

Frederick R. Steiner, The Ghost of Ian McHarg

Mark C. Taylor, Turning Forty

Robert Venturi, Viva Mannerism for Architectures for Our Age

Anthony Vidler, Whatever Happened to Ecology? John McHale and the Bucky Fuller Revival

Paul Virilio, Critical Space

Marisa Yiu, Image Construction: Hong Kong since 1967-1968

Alejandro Zaera-Polo, The Politics of the Envelope, Part I

PLUS: On Boating in London ... On Drinking Water ... On Retooling Turin ... On Buckminster Fuller ... On the IAUS ...


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