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GEA Architects

Madrid, ES



The building, owned by the Augustinians, is protected by the General Urban Plan of Madrid for its structure. In the plot, there are two buildings, the Church of SantaMonica and a residential building, they were found to be in ruins and only remained to house the homeless.

The need for its adaptation to the current regulations and the new demands of use, required to undertake a complete overhaul. The architectural solution is based on two lines of action:

The first concern was to consolidate the building at the structural level, and design a layout for the new networks for facilities, compatible with the organization of the building. Always bearing in mind that the internal distribution, should address both the existing design of the facades, as well as new policy regulations in the sector.

The second intention was to design on this basis, a concept of “cultural room" that would fit with the idea of innovation and vanguard of the lot. Therefore, we thought about the classic layout of the bedrooms with a bathroom, designing a common place organizes by a closet next to the sink. As a result, the transition between the two spaces becomes diffuse, giving greater fluidity to the interior space of each room.

During this phase, the interior design firm “DSQUADRA” collaborated with us in creating neutral colored common spaces with the aim of generating different individual thematic ambient in each room.

To this end, a contest was called for artists to design the rooms with movie plot themes. The winners chosen were to decorate the rooms with their designs.

This is how the concept “sleeping as in a film” was to be born.

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Status: Built
Location: Madrid, ES