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SKYCONDOS competition in Lima, Perú. Honourable Mention out of 384 proposals

The proposed housing project aims to integrate itself with the surroundings of the San Isidro district of Lima, updating the construction and shape to the current densities and technologies. It seeks a relation in between the volume of the building with the surroundings through cuts and setbacks in the volume that enhances at all times the values of the vegetation, light and water.

The plot has very marked limits; therefore we seek to fragment this large volume with cuts and setbacks, which will be utilized as public spaces for residents and for the growth of the vegetation from the “Lima Golf Club" to the interior of the building.

As a climatic factor all homes have double orientation and allow cross ventilation. This ventilation and views are controlled by a lattice, fixed panels and sliding panels according to the facade. These different skins surround the building providing a different character on each facade, according to bioclimatic needs.

Climate control is achieved by the use of vegetation and wood as a skin for the building (natural façade). Made up of panels and different types of vegetation that allows us to take refuge or expose ourselves to solar radiation, protect ourselves from the wind, pollution, noise and it regulates the amount of humidity inside the duplex in a natural way. Therefore, the amount of cold and heat is supplemented by the thermal inertia of the materials of the facade.

The structure is based on large parallel bearing walls varying shape in height where necessary adapting itself to the interior layout of each duplex. These walls are themselves divisive elements of the spaces that make up each home, avoiding the use of interior brick walls. The thickness of the structural floors varies depending on what rests on them (swimming pools, light or dense vegetation ... etc). This allows us to generate a different and unique typology for each duplex as well as a unique and changing façade.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Lima, PE
My Role: Project design team within GEA Architects