GEA Architects

GEA Architects

Madrid, ES



The project is to restructure two townhouses located in a central area of Madrid. The initial intentions are two: Sew the urban structure to create city and generate an interior protected from the noise and the outside views.

The basic features considered for the project are the disposition of volumes and heights of the main building over the surrounding buildings, composition, treatment and façade elements, rhythm and arrangement of holes and the solution of cornices and ceilings. All these little details pursue an urban sense of their environment and encourage the construction of the city, just like a generic matrix in which are inserted in domestic locations.

However, this type of environment is sometimes incompatible with an ideal of serene and tranquil home; therefore we seek to protect the internal level. Four courts are established to which each house is open:  cushion spaces" used to soften the contact with the exterior.

The external image, compact and sealed contrasts with the broad and fluid interiors.

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Status: Built
Location: Madrid, ES