GEA Architects

GEA Architects

Madrid, ES



The building brings together certain municipal services of a diverse ranging. From the municipal police headquarters to the offices of the Ministry of finance. Therefore a flexible building concept was needed to meet the demand and other needs that may arise in a near future.


The plot has three facades, and remains attached on the fourth. It is characterized by a big difference in height level between its opposite elevations. Taking advantage of this gap, we divided to create two separate accesses: one for the emergency services and one for the users to access the administrative areas.

The surrounding environment influences on the choice of heavy materials (concrete and stone) that maintain a clear relationship with the church and plaza. Concrete is used in situ to solve direct contacts with the dividing neighbor, with the streets and the garden. The volume which contains the offices, facing the church, is solved in stone with a ventilated facade system. The other necessary uses are located in the basement illuminated by a yard facing west.


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Status: Built
Location: Cobeña, ES