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Tiefenbrunn House

Mimicking neighboring barns - and in sharp contrast with the white-washed stone buildings in the village center - this house was constructed of, and clad in wood. It was built on the steepest portion of the hill at the edge of the site, which is covered with a grove of plumb trees. This allowed the use of the flatter parts of the property as a garden, and ensured that all floors have southern views

The uppermost floor emerges above the top of the hill and connects to a footpath leading to the village via a small bridge. The living room, kitchen and dining room, as well as a small medical practice, are located on this level. Suspended in the middle floor are the bedrooms.

A continuous narrow balcony provides protection from the sun on the south side. Large glazed openings guide the views towards the valley. The north façade has windows applied to its face, thus guiding the users view outwards and up to the mountain peaks.

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Status: Built
Location: Stanz, Austria