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New York, NY


Harvest Sukkah

This competition entry responded to the fact that Sukkot is largely a harvest festival. Harvest is both a time of plenty and reminder that winter is approaching.

The sukkah is designed to be interactive, activating the outside and inside. These blend together over time as the wall is visually dismantled. 

Clear PVC strips, riveted together, form a lattice at the perimeter. Fruit and vegetables are purchased from the farmers market and used to fill the pockets in the lattice to create the outer walls of the sukkah. These remind us we are still in summer.

People are welcome to take the fruit and vegetables, thus dismantling the sukkah during the week-long holiday. Due to the PVC’s transparency, the walls seem to vanish when they are taken.

At the interior, a collection of jams, pickles, and other preserves are available. These serve as a reminder that we will spend the winter months indoors.

There is a wood and polished stainless steel frame, and a plywood lattice as the roof. This roof lattice echoes the walls in how it’s constructed, but can support itself, and provides limited shade as required by the definition of a sukkah.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: New York, NY, US