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Galerie Julius Hummel

Located in the heart of medieval Vienna, the rooms housing the Hummel Art gallery were originally drinking halls from the 14th century. The renovation brought to light a closed off doorway to an area which was at one time outdoors. An adjacent former carriage house in the backyard also became part of the art gallery.


A new white concrete floor keeps with the character of the space and transitions to the new areas via new steps from the rediscovered doorway. The corridor and the former carriage house have a contrasting oak plank floor, creating a different mood from the main gallery and and allowing for different types of artwork.

The corridor was closed off to the exterior with a low concrete wall covered from the exterior with frameless glass. The half transparent-half opaque glass acts in part as a mirror, reflecting elements of the courtyard while leaving an opening to peak into the gallery. The mixture of opacity and transparency in the corridor acts like a constantly changing image, leaving the perception of a temporary object despite its permanence

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Status: Built
Location: Vienna, AT