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New York, NY


Lake Elsinore Public Library

A competition entry for the new public library in Lake Elsinore, the building is appears as a cantilevered series of twisting wooden slats, that encircle the spiral volume of the interior. The slats twist up and out to the north in order to bring in ambient light, while they twist out and down to the south to block the excessive sunshine.

One enters beneath the corner of the building that is rises up to the second level. The outer ring is a slope containing the book shelves. Inside of the shelves are staggered reading rooms, which face onto a central court. The effect is to focus study and learning within the structure, providing a peaceful place for research and reflection.

The roof level is both open to the courtyard below and to the city beyond. This area can be used for gatherings of all types, for educaton and for celebrations.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Lake Elsinore, CA, US