Zeybekoglu Nayman Associates

Zeybekoglu Nayman Associates

Cambridge, MA | Beijing, CN


Yiyang Technology Tower

ZNA’s award winning design consists of four building components all taking advantage of site access from two sides, north and south.  The building uses its placement and orientation on the site to help strengthen its core circulation and operation.  The objective was to create a well defined visual landmark by maximizing the buildings interface with its context.  Similarly the program driven design approach brings the different components of the center to a cohesive whole and resolves the challenges of each.

The twenty-two story Office Tower is strategically located on the northeast corner of the site adjacent to the primary entry plaza anchoring the project to its local context.  The five story Research Center located along the eastern side of the site is set in response to existing lower buildings across the street.  The nine story New Business Center is located on the southwest corner of the site adjacent to a secondary entry plaza with scenic views of the Songhua River.  The three buildings are connected by an enclosed atrium running along the north-south axis.  The 6 story atrium space hosts receptions, break-out workspaces, and reading areas with flying bridges overhead, access to belowground parking, and green areas natural lit by the sun during the day. The atrium space communicates the company’s image / ethos allowing its inhabitants to work, live, play and learn together from the inside out.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Harbin, CN