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Beijing Dongba North District Planning, Beijing, China

Type: Urban Plan
Location: Beijing, China
Planning Area: 6.2 square kilometers
Client: Antaeus Group

The Dongba Parcel is one of the ten developing parcels near the east of Beijing downtown. It seats between the south bank of the Wenyu green corridor and the north bank of the Ba River, among the first and the second green belt in east of the nearby Jiuxianqiao parcel and west of the Jinzhan multi-serving area.

The 6.2 kilometers project mainly proposed as the national commercial trade center, together with world-class resort destination, the broadway, large-scale meeting and exhibition facilities, luxury residential and integrated serving area, in effort of providing a new neighborhood with worldwide influences and multi-cultural containment.

Through the functional amalgamation between the network distributed open neighborhoods, the planning tends to break the traditional mode of trading space organization. The commercial activities are organized through the unit of neighborhood, creating separated spatial circulations of pedestrian and motor vehicles, so as to create the integrated experience of ambulation.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Beijing, CN