Paris, FR - Bordeaux, FR



The project is located in an environment of vineyards, with a horizontal and generally flat landscape. On one side of la route du Carosse, Les Sources de Caudalie, as well as the Château Smith Haut Lafitte, the other, the land concerned. The vineyard extends symmetrically to the road, leaning on a large wooded area.The winery and the barrel cellar are in a hole career, bordering the forest.The principle has been clearly defined to remove the vat that arises in the bottom of the existing quarry to emerge from only 2.00 m., Emergence itself hidden by the border of trees preserved.The winery is also placed on the bottom of the depression. Height of 3.00 m allows a roof on a thick vegetated layer.The form and articulation of buildings following implantation of trees to be retained. An identification of the most beautiful subjects, oak, chestnut, hornbeam, to enable conservation. The three volumes were bypassing these items to clear at the lowest point the court for access to work.The only visible part is covered with wood with a green roof: the objective is to remove the project, invisible from the road.

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Status: Built
Location: Martillac, FR
Firm Role: Chai, winery, workshops, common areas, tasting room, offices.