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The site is located on the heights of Annemasse, in the town of Vetraz-Monthoux.
The slope of about 15 °, a maximum of 9 meters to meet the immediate vicinity of an EBC (wooded area) are the regulatory and geographic data that allowed us to formalize this project very contextual.

The project is in the form of three small bars ptites 48 m long by 8.50 m wide and 9 m high arranged almost identical in the direction of the slope, the inclination angle emerges from large terraces on the west side with a view overlooking Geneva. The buildings are simple parallelepipeds is their inclination of 15 ° parallel to the slope which gives them particular interest.

By arranging the buildings in the direction of the slope, we avoid the visual effect of built front and it re-creates corridors plant we propose to extend as far as the outskirts of the city.
Operation of private initiative and for its architecture, creating conditions for the continuity of the landscape, the public good.

Each building contains six units of a hundred square meters, each with a large terrace. The total area of ​​the operation
reaches 2500 m shon

The buildings will be entirely prefabricated by Arbosphère,
company specializing in the construction PANELS Solid wood.
Intermediate supports for floors are made of glued-laminated beams, and a complex insulation installed between the concrete slab and wood floor, acoustic treats and compensates for the low inertia of the wood.
Cut into digital machining center, the panels arrived on site are fitted with mobile hoists.

A wood frame building. HQE for one course site dry, clean, fast. Conducted in compliance with the existing mitigation of pollution.

For reasons of economy we will work with panels of 10 cm thick coated 15 cm of insulation and cladding of approximately 80mm thick. The panels 125 cm wide creates a frame sizing the whole building and providing the design process a new rigor.
The entire design process incorporates the BBC approach.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Annemasse, FR