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It is a traditional workshop(échoppe) of Bordeaux, on the same level, close to the vineyards of the Chateau Haut-Brion. The district is a representative echoppe tissue with gardens on the backside.
On the street side, facing the north, a stone facade surmounted by zinc and covered with tiles of Marseille. In the South, the facade on garden is drawn by plate glass windows and by bardage made of pine aging in a wink horizontal.
The organization of rooms articulates  around  a central corridor which serves  since the main entrance living spaces on garden, leaving behind him two rooms heightened on street.
EXTENSION ON GARDEN: live the outside of the inside
All the interest of the project is to answer the requirements of homogeneity which supposes this shape of traditional urban housing environment: the non-negotiable visual unity of facades on the street. That is why we decided to practice an extension on the garden, preserving the traditional facade on street.
How to weave with the existing, the " already there " a contemporary dialogue necessary for the new modes of life and building? The site is lived by this strength of evocation appropriate for historic tissues of workshops.
We thought about a project which, while respecting the history would underline the aesthetics of gardens in strips by throwing this garden inside the buildings.
The project completely  rethinks the relation about the garden, facing south, while training a wooden volume for the minimalist lines, the archetype of the house in two slopes. The contemporary structure, rather than to be simply next(simply to go alongside) to the former(ancient), seems to prolong its history.
The extension set up the dimensions of the living area of the ground floor, we shall thus preserve the influence on the original ground.
In ground floor the set kitchen - living-lounge is totally opened; previously, everything was divided up. The project falls of the coherence in these spaces. Kitchen and living  work in continuity; the stay will have on its whole length of aluminum sliding plate glass windows brushed which optimize the view on the garden and allow an optimal period of sunshine of the room.
Two existing day wells (the one in a room at the ground floor, the other one in a kitchen are preserved. The staircase allowing to reach the parental suite is fitted out along the wall is, behind a partition in plywood; we reach it by a screen door since the stay.
Since the outside, an effect of centring was worked, to give some thickness to the simple volume, as cut in the wood; stainless frames in projection so underline the uncluttered drawing of a wide opening; a system of aluminums  Venetian blinds protects glances. The facade since the own garden so offers a writing made by wide plate glass windows rez of road and for the floor, the light unhooking of openings in the floor. The facade on garden acts as the mirror of the garden symbolized by a dense vegetation appropriate for this type of urban tissue of workshops. It  will be barded by fine open work wooden blades which will turn around in roof so as to create the sensation of a volume totally shaped in a wooden lathing, allowing to assert the contrast between the glass and the wood.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Bordeaux, France