Seoul, KR


[Playground] Walking in the clouds - in the outdoor gallery

Walking in the Clouds is a playground which organically connects to an outdoor gal­lery in Korea. Supported by a deck, individuals meander through the ethereal space, encountering, pulling and touching hundreds of laundry baskets along the way. It is a temporary structure and operated from April to October, 2017. The budget was $4500 and it was design and build project. Kids love to play with baskets! The site was the unusual museum which name is ‘SoDA’ (Space of Design and Archi­tecture). The original structure which had been a public bath was exposed and used as gallery spaces for installation. Our structure is occupying one of the open roof gal­lery spaces and then kids and family can access and play easily.

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Status: Built
Location: Suwon, KR
Firm Role: Participatory installation artist
Additional Credits: Design Team: EUS+ARCHITECTS
Clients: SoDA (Space of Design and ArchiĀ¬tecture)
Engineering: BH Arch
Photo credits: Myungho Kang