Seoul, KR


transformable pavilion for kid <PLAYCAMP>

his is a pavilion type structure for children’s waiting with reading books, interacting tablets, drawing on papers, and playing around in a museum lobby area. The children’s museum is a part of the war memorial museum. Our design concept was military basecamp. So, we made a new typology of camp structure with birch plywood layers which were precisely cut by a CNC machine. The layers were gradually changed and gently curved for better children’s interaction and safety. The camp structure is a kind of a pavilion and can be divided into three components. Each component can be moved around for various situations and events It is a new type of kid’s space. 

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Status: Built
Location: Yongsan, KR
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Design Team: EUS+ARCHITECTS
Clients: The Children`s Museum, the War Memorial of korea
Engineering: BH Arch
Photo credits: Hyo-Sook Chin