Seoul, KR


[Playground] JOURNEY OF PLAY

‘Save the Children’ which is an international relief organization Korea branch made a plan for a special project. It was about providing new playground to two elementary schools in Seoul per year for children. Our EUS+ Architects was chosen as one of architects for that project. We made a five weeks kids workshop program to work with children to get their expectation for the new playground and to design best solution. It was such a successful process to stimulate students to think about new future of their playground in their school and to get ownership of it.

There had been a commander (principal) podium at the site which had been a symbol of authoritarianism. Our plan was that additional structure with manipulating the original podium can transform this as a kids playscape without any typical play equipment on it. So, we made a journey of play with wood decks, nets, a stair, and a playhouse like a treehouse. Steel frames are connecting them to the original concrete podium structure. So we call this a ‘playstructure’ than just playground. It contains children’s stories, activities, collaborations and multiple views in. 

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Status: Built
Location: Seoul, KR
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Design Team: EUS+ARCHITECTS
Clients:Save the Children, Dongdab Elementary School
Engineering: BH Arch
Research: Prof. Hyeyoun Chung, Prof. Joori Suh
Photo credits:Hyo-Sook Chin