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Mask Architects Reveals Its Winning Design For Cool Abu Dhabi Challenge Competition

Mask Architects"s founders Öznur Pınar ÇER and Danilo PETTA have designed  " the artificial breathing palm modular structure system", " Oasys + System"  has one of ten winners of the ‘Cool Abu Dhabi Challenge ’, a global design competition between more than 1,570 participants from 67 countries.They are aimed to attract creative ideas to tackle climate change and provide solutions for the urban heat island effect in significantly warmer areas of Abu Dhabi.

Öznur Pınar ÇER, Danilo PETTA explain their proposal with their words below: "The Oasys’ is our answer to Cooling Down Abu Dhabi. We have created an oasis in the middle of the city where residents of Abu Dhabi can relax and enjoy outdoor spaces without feeling the heat. "The Oasys" system is a network of gridded stations and hubs in which act as islands of harbour and refuge." "With the allocated land to be the first location of our network, it will act as a central point which can be used as a resting place, for activities, socialising and sociable communal for the collective and community. Space can be used for temporary pop-ups, sitting area, cafes, exhibitions, sports etc."

The Oasys’ is an oasis space which is constructed from modules of palm tree-like structures that will be the main function of the system. It will have such functions as spraying mist through nozzles that underlay the palms, as well as collect solar energy through solar panels on the roof of the palms. The structure will act as a barrier from regional and environmental issues such as heat, UV rays, and noise, wind and sand storms. This will be the main system which will control the atmosphere within the space to keep it comfortable and relaxing for all. Around the palm, structures will be trees planted to help with the process of easing sound pollution and wind entering the space. It will also help with creating an eco-friendly space in which will help to great the image and sensation of a green oasis in the middle of the city.  

The future of ‘The Oasys’ system is not only to build one but to build multiple networks around the cities to create hubs of rest places in which all are connected together. With the modular systems all able to connect with each other, each module can be different scales and adjustable. It is a mechanism that can be easily replicated to create groupings of the palm structures in any scale of space. The foundations of the structure will already be in place on each plot of land marked for cooling and to create social space. The foundation will house the storage of water and vital equipment for ‘The Oasys’. The cooling system will be put up at the notice of the government for the months of heat. It can be temporary or permanent depending on the use of the space.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Abu Dhabi, AE
Firm Role: Architecture Firm
Additional Credits: Architecture Design Firm: Mask Architects and Design
Project Name: "Oasys + System, The Artificial Breathing Palm Modular Structure System "
Lead Designer and Project Architects: Öznur Pınar ÇER, Danilo PETTA
Technical Teams : Öznur Pınar ÇER ,Danilo PETTA, Derya GENÇ
Press and Reporting Teams: Tuğçe ÇER, Sarje NAGDA
Animation and Rendering Company: Genc Design Studio
Engineering: Arup , Erkan Sahin
Competition Organization: Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT)
Gross Built Area:938,469 m2
Project Location: Abu Dhabi, Dubai

“Oasys + System ,The Artificial Breathing Palm Modular Structure “