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"I-Breathe-Just " apparatus with bluetooth system

3D printable device " I-Breathe-Just "apparatus has developed with a bluetooth system that also allows remote control via an app installed on the mobile  phone, a small display, a USB output for computer and 9 Volt power supply. While the  apparatus is provide splitting  the oxygen output directly from the inhalation / exhalation channel for 2 patients with only one oxygen machine ,at the same time it allows to get a patient data via app on mobile phone by bluetooth techology.

"Breathe-Just", designed for COVID-19 overcrowding in intensive care, is an emergency device designed by Mask Architects, a young architecture and Design office in Italy (Olbia, SS) and Germany (Frankfurt). Their multidisciplinary study pioneers a type of complex design flexibility and ability to adapt to rapid changes in the market and customer needs."Breathe-Just", made of non-toxic surgical ABS / silicone, is a 3D printable device that doubles the capacity of the lung ventilators by dividing the oxygen output directly from the inhalation / exhalation channel. In this way, it is possible to use, by parameterizing the oxygen flows, a single lung ventilator for multiple patients. In this way, the medical staff, knowing the clinical situation of the individual patient, would have the possibility of being able to act manually on the device by means of two valves managing to customize the oxygen needs of each of the two patients (or more - to be verified) connected to the device. Simply reproducible with suitable 3D printers, Breathe-Just divides the flows directly from the oxygen pipes, making them universally adaptable to all machines.Specifically, by means of an Arduino technical sheet, the following data can be checked and parameterized for each individual output and patient:pressure, oxygen insufflation frequency, inhalation / expiration times and return flow for each individual patient. 

In the "Breathe-Just" device, the Arduino technical sheet is equipped with a bluetooth system that also allows remote control via an app installed on the mobile phone, a small display, a USB output for computer and 9 Volt power supply.In the "Breathe-Just" kit the following components are designed and optimized to be 3D printable: Venturi valves to parameterize the percentage of FiO2 (40% / 42% lpm, 37% / 50% lpm, 34% / 59% lpm, 30% / 86% lpm), 22M or 25mm masks (tube diameter) adaptable to Venturi valves, splitter pedestal, flow valves, sensor support and circuit box.The Swiss company SWISSKH Consulting & Engineering, specialized in high precision biomedical and watchmaking engineering, spontaneously proposed to develop, without any cost, the engineering of the whole system. The Italian company Model Maker Group, on the other hand, offered to cover the cost of materials only for the realization of the device in advanced 3D printing with high precision technologies and machinery.

The designers Danilo Petta and Öznur Pınar Çer said: "Our mission is not only to provide a service of architecture and luxury design. As Architects and Industrial Designers, our mission is also to make our creativity available for the common good by responding, in emergencies such as this, directly to users' needs (hospitals). For three weeks we have strengthened the industrial design team to focus our efforts on finding useful solutions for the biomedical industry, all free of charge and for the common good. Traditional manufacturing methods do not allow a quick response for this type of emergencies therefore it is essential to be able to find answers in 3D printing. The renderings of our project and the functional diagrams, designed for rapid production, clearly show the idea that basically consists of a three-channel joint equipped with pa valves can be ramified which multiplies the oxygen output from the inhalation / exhalation channels. In this way, having a "universal" device (for a cost of a few euros) and, not a small thing, printable in every part of the world, it will be possible to treat several patients at the same time. We are currently in close contact with some hospitals in Italy and a second 3D printing is underway. The files, which are Open Source, are available to anyone who wants to collaborate".

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Sardínia, GR
Firm Role: Design Firm
Additional Credits: Lead Designers
Oznur Pinar CER , Danilo PETTA